Love.. The magical word that brings a smile to everyones face. The feeling that makes all our hearts go warm and fuzzy!! The feeling that could better anyones boring life..

I see so many girls crying over guys they love that dont (give a shit)care about how you feel or what they have put you through. Now these are people that do not deserve your love.. Remember there are loads of others out there that are going to respect who you are and see how imperfectly perfect you are.. Being in love is an amazing feeling but then if you make a wrong choice then there is nothing worse.
So wait.. and keep faith!! God is just taking his time in crafting something spectacular for you :)


Was just fllipping through the channels and noticed how “going abroad” has become the new it thing in all the indian serials!
One goes to singapore for a cooking show.. another to Dubai to become an actress.. another to london to get married..
I mean seriously is that even necessary?
The bored Indian women will watch any serial..even those shot in a lane next to theirs (I wonder if anyone other than our grandparents still are hooked to them).
One person starts with the idea and then its happening in every other serial!
I hope people would stop wasting money on such unwanted tricks to get higher TRP and rather focus on coming out with shows that have some importance in todays world!

“The joint family which was dressed in full Indian regalia served her a meal on silver thalis and katoris. [Oprah] looked at the food and then made her best statement of the entire episode – “So I hear some people in India STILL eat with their hands”. I don’t know what people in America are eating their hot dogs, pizzas and tacos with but perhaps Oprah’s home has evolved cutlery for all that. Then she told her viewers that ALL women in India live with their mothers-in-law and extended family.”

Oprah’s magical mystery tour to India.

Oh, Oprah.

So I had to ask her.

I wanna know.

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Sad we did!

Sad we did!

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What North India knows about South India


  • Madras (not Chennai) (pronounced as mother-aas)
  • Madrasi
  • Everybody south of the Deccan Plateau is Madrasi
  • Tamillians are Madrasi
  • Telugus are Madrasi
  • Keralites are Madrasi
  • Kannaditas are Madrasi
  • Rajnikanth (also Kamal Hassan)
  • A.R. Rehman
  • Really dark people
  • Idli-sambhar-dosa
  • Tollywood
  • Adra adra nakka mukka nakka mukka nakka mukka
  • Movies have really hot girls and really ugly guys
  • Yenna rascala
  • Mind it
  • Why this kolaveri di?


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“Destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”